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A Message From Dr. Mirkin...
You or someone you love could be at risk of suffering a heart attack. This website is designed to be used with my latest book, The Healthy Heart Miracle. Together, they can help reduce the risks of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes in as little as 2 weeks and reverse years of neglect by following my 8-Week Plan.

If you don't already have a copy of The Healthy Heart Miracle, you will need to stop by any bookstore or order a copy from

Take action NOW! It could save your life or the life of someone you love!

Chat Room Added!

We've added a Chat Room to our site. You can access the link on the left sidebar under "community" or click here

Woman's World Features HHM!

Woman's World, featured (in it's April 27th issue), the success stories of Kim (her picture is on the cover!) Jamie, Claudia, and Julie.
To read this terrific and inspiring article, download PDF of the article, Click Here

How did Kim get on the cover? Check out her story on our message board.
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Special Note:
We have added special threads on our discussion board about those featured in the Woman's World article under "Success Stories". To read more Click Here.

If you want to download our "Easy-to Prepare" menu plan featured in Woman's World, click here


Healthy Heart Reports

Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks in as Little as 3 Weeks
A study from UCLA shows that three weeks of a diet and exercise program can markedly reduce risk factors for heart attacks. Read More>>

The Meaning of Fitness
The latest research shows that exercising for 30 minutes three times a week will not necessarily make you fit, nor does exercising for 60 minutes seven days a week. To become fit, you have to make your heart and skeletal muscles stronger. Read More>>

What's New!

Assess your risks by ordering blood tests near you

New ePlans are now available including the SHOW ME! Diet, Before & After Progress Journal and Walking Program & Log. These print, fold and carry-with-you PocketPlans help you keep track of your progress and focused on achieving your goals.

Tell us what you think of Dr. Mirkin's new book and this website. Please send your comments and suggestions to:


Ask The Doctor

Q. Which is more important in preventing heart attacks, diet or exercise?
A: Click here to find out the answer >>

Read Dr. Mirkin's answers to common questions or submit one of your own in the Healthy Heart Q & A.

Recipe of the Week

Quick Vegetable Curry is a sumptuous entrée that is perfect for family or friends. It tastes sooooo good, it's hard to believe that this recipe it so healthy for you. Get this good cookin' recipe >>

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