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Healthy Heart Reports

Morning Activity Raises Blood Pressure

A study from Ireland shows that people raise their morning blood pressures just by being active.

High blood pressure increases your risk for a heart attack or stroke. Blood pressure is the force of your heart contracting times the resistance in your arteries. It stands to reason, then, that being active causes your heart to contract with more force and therefore raises your blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure and take your blood pressure frequently to follow the effects of your diet and exercise program or any drugs to lower it, be sure to take your blood pressure when you first awake, and before you are active, because activity in every normal human being raises blood pressure. Under no circumstance should you interpret these findings to tell you to stay in bed, because inactivity weakens your heart muscle to cause heart attacks.

The morning surge in blood pressure and heart rate is dependent on levels of physical activity after waking. Journal of Hypertension, 2002, Vol 20, Iss 5, pp 865-870. AC Leary, AD Struthers, PT Donnan, TM MacDonald, MB Murphy. Leary AC, Cork Univ Hosp, Dept Clin Pharmacol & Therapeut, Clin Sci Bldg, Cork, IRELAND


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