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Healthy Heart Reports

Genetics Of Cholesterol

A study from Gothenburg, Sweden shows that fathers with high blood cholesterols have sons with high cholesterol, but the same does not apply to triglycerides.

In 1963, 50-year old men had their cholesterol and triglycerides checked. Thirty years later, their sons were tested. The sons had lower blood cholesterols than their fathers, but were fatter and had higher blood triglyceride levels. The most logical explanation for the lower cholesterol in the sons is that they ate less saturated fat in meat, chicken and whole milk dairy products. But since the sons were fatter and had higher blood triglyceride levels, they did not get the message to eat less refined carbohydrates and fewer calories. When blood sugar levels rise too high, the pancreas releases large amounts of insulin that converts blood sugar to triglycerides. If you take in more calories than you burn, these blood fats will be deposited in fat cells to make you fat.

Fathers with high cholesterol levels had sons with high cholesterol levels. Serum triglyceride concentration in the father was unrelated to any variable in the son. Serum lipids in fathers and sons at middle age: the study of sons to men born in 1913. Journal of Internal Medicine, 2003, Vol 254, Iss 2, pp 126-131. A Rosengren, H Eriksson, C Welin, L Welin. Rosengren A, Ostra Univ Hosp, Dept Med, S-41685 Gothenburg, SWEDEN


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