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Healthy Heart Reports

How Red Wine Prevents Heart Attacks

Many studies show that drinking red wine is associated with decreased risk for heart attacks. A recent study from Italy shows how it does that.

When you eat, the chemical process that breaks down food so you can use it for your body produces tremendous amounts of chemicals that form clots and oxidants that convert the bad LDL cholesterol into oxidized LDL that forms plaques in arteries. Drinking red wine with meals markedly reduces the clotting chemicals and the oxidants that are produce by that meal (1). This study shows that wine contains phenolic fractions that prevent clotting and oxidation and that removing all the alcohol from wine does not decrease the antic lotting and antioxidants in the wine. These recent studies show that phenolic chemicals, and not alcohol, in red wine prevent the clotting and the oxidized LDL that cause heart attacks.

1) Red wine protects diabetic patients from meal-induced oxidative stress and thrombosis activation: a pleasant approach to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in diabetes. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2001, Vol 31, Iss 4, pp 322-328. A Ceriello, N Bortolotti, E Motz, S Lizzio, B Catone, R Assaloni, L Tonutti, C Taboga. Ceriello A, Univ Udine, Chair Internal Med, Ple S Maria Misericordia, I-33100 Udine, ITALY.

2) Effects of de-alcoholated red wine and its phenolic fractions on platelet aggregation. P Russo, I Tedesco, M Russo, GL Russo, A Venezia, C Cicala. Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, 2001, Vol 11, Iss 1, pp25-29. Russo P, Natl Res Council Italy, Inst Food Sci & Technol, Via Roma 52 A-C, I-83100 Avellino, ITALY.


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