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Healthy Heart Reports

Coffee Raises Homocysteine And Cholesterol

A study from Denmark shows that drinking four or more cups of filtered caffeinated coffee per day raises blood levels of both cholesterol and homocysteine, and that stopping drinking coffee lowers both of these values.

Having high blood levels of either homocysteine or cholesterol increases your chances for getting a heart attack. Many studies show that coffee raises cholesterol in Europeans, but not in Americans. This was explained by the fact that Europeans drink unfiltered coffee, while Americans drink it filtered, and filtering removes a component of coffee that raises cholesterol. Now, this study shows that drinking four or more cups of even filtered coffee raises cholesterol, showing that the filter does not remove all of whatever chemical raises cholesterol. If scientist can agree on these studies, the recommendation is for you to drink only filtered coffee and then not more than three cups a day.

Abstention from filtered coffee reduces the concentrations of plasma homocysteine and serum cholesterol - a randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2001, Vol 74, Iss 3, pp 302-307, B Christensen, A Mosdol, L Retterstol, S Landaas, DS Thelle. Christensen B, Univ Oslo, Ulleval Hosp, Dept Med Genet, N-0407 Oslo, NORWAY


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