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Healthy Heart Reports

Abdominal Fat

A recent study from Mexico shows that storing fat in the belly increases every conceivable risk factor for diabetes (1), while a study from Ireland shows that it increases risk for schizophrenia (2).

Women who store fat in their bellies, rather than hips are more likely to suffer high blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride levels, low blood levels of the good HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure and be at increased risk for heart attacks. Not storing fat in your buttocks increases your risk for heart attacks and diabetes even more. The second study offers new information that schizophrenia is associated with storing fat in the belly. We know that everything that increases risk for heart attacks increases risk for a type of senility called Alzheimer's disease. If you store most of your fat in your belly, you should avoid refined carbohydrates: foods made with flour, white rice or milled corn, and sugared products.

1) Association of visceral fat with coronary risk factors in a population-based sample of postmenopausal women. International Journal of Obesity, 2002, Vol 26, Iss 1, pp 33-39. A HernandezOno, G MonterCarreola, J ZamoraGonzalez, G. CardosoSaldana, R PosadasSanchez, M TorresTamayo, C PosadasRomero. Posadas-Romero C, Inst Nacl Cardiol Ignacio Chavez, Dept Endocrinol, Juan Badiano No 1, Mexico City 14080, DF, MEXICO.

2) Increased visceral fat distribution in drug-naive and drug-free patients with schizophrenia. International Journal of Obesity, 2002, Vol 26, Iss 1, pp 137-141. JH Thakore, JN Mann, I Vlahos, A Martin, R Reznek. Thakore JH, St Vincents Hosp, Ctr Neurosci, Richmond Rd, Dublin 3, IRELAND


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