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American Diabetes Association
Comprehensive diabetes information, prevention, and treatment

American Heart Association
Education and information on fighting heart disease and stroke.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitors
LifeWise offers blood pressure, heart rate, and body fat monitors to help you track your progress

Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health Fitness and Nutrition
Hundreds of reports to help you maintain a DASH Plus lifestyle and understand medical research.

Health Check USA
Provides health awareness screening to customers throughout the USA. The tests provided are the same as those ordered by physicians across the country.

Heart Center Online
Website for cardiologists and their patients, with free e-mail newsletter, on preventing and treating heart disease.

Heart Check America
Heart Check America provides coronary scans for the early detection of heart disease using Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) scanners

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Information on heart, lung, and blood disease, including the latest research on lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Nutrition News Focus
A free e-mail newsletter to help you interpret n ews stories on nutrition

Quaker Oat Meal
Learn how eating oatmeal every day can help you live a healthier life, as Dr. Mirkin recommends in The Healthy Heart Miracle.

Information on a non-drug medical device for therapeutic breathing exercises that can help to lower blood pressure

Whole Foods Market
The world's largest health-oriented food retailer offers nutrition information and recipes

Portion Control Diet
Learn how to eat fewer calories by controling your portion size. Lots of free tools, recipes and tips